Aiming for sustainability in campus operations

Our central goals are the reduction of energy consumption and related emissions, as well as the increased efficiency of facility use. The use of sustainable energy is promoted by the continuous improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, as well as the independent and renewable production of part of the energy consumed by the University.

A programme of sustainable transport reduces the carbon footprint originating in the commute of the University staff and promotes occupational wellbeing. Bike racks have been installed in the vicinity of all University buildings, while shower and equipment storage facilities have been developed. An inter-campus biking competition has been organised annually.

Since 2011, Viikki Campus has held a Green Office certificate. Part of the energy consumed by the campus is produced on location by its own solar power plant. In 2019 all electricity used in Viikki will be renewable – in addition to the self-produced solar energy, the campus is purchasing green hydroelectricity.

Only Fairtrade coffee and tea are served at the University’s official events and meetings of the Student Union. Fairtrade products are available in the cafés and restaurants located in the University buildings. The University has been a Fairtrade university since 2013.

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