Academy Members 2014


Minna Autio, University Lecturer in Consumer Economics, has actively developed her pedagogical competence and has completed 60 credits worth of studies in university pedagogy. She sits in several committees, which allows her to participate in the development of teaching in various ways. She has actively contributed to the development of her own discipline and received the Magister Bonus award of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in 2011. She is also engaged in research on university pedagogy and publishes and gives presentations on the topic. Autio applies a variety of teaching and evaluation methods and has also extensively published learning materials and articles, sometimes together with her students. She actively interacts with her students, encourages them and engages them in research. She is an acknowledged developer of feedback systems. Autio also engages in cooperation between different disciplines, with Aalto University as well as international partners.

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Martin Björklund, University Lecturer in Public Law, systematically improves his professional skills by critically reflecting on his own activities. He systematically collects feedback from students, which provides him with the opportunity to focus on their learning problems, to clearly and critically identify the areas in need of development in his own teaching, and to actively seek pedagogical solutions that would enhance in-depth learning in his students. Björklund actively follows up on pedagogic debate and reads literature in the field. He is also well-versed in the research literature on the pedagogical application of PowerPoint presentations. He can thus convincingly justify why he has almost entirely given up using PowerPoint slides in teaching. Instead of showing slides, Björklund attempts to apply teaching methods that encourage the students' own thinking and to make use of information and communication technologies that support learning. Furthermore, Björklund has replaced examinations with peer reviews. Björklund actively cooperates with his colleagues.

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University Lecturer Hannele Cantell, who also serves as the head of subject teacher education, is highly focused on learning and the teaching profession in her roles as teacher and leader. Her activities convey a picture of a dynamic teacher and developer of teaching who in many ways keeps abreast of her times and creates visions for the future. Cantell systematically collects feedback from students and colleagues and uses this feedback to reform degree requirements and teaching practices. She holds significant elected positions and is engaged in a number of networks. She is an internationally acknowledged expert on pedagogy and has received prizes for her learning materials, which make up a substantial part of her publications. Cantell applies various teaching and evaluation methods and is an active participant in collaborative development both in Finland and abroad.

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Joseph Flanagan, University Lecturer in English Philology, develops his teaching and supervision skills by following the literature on university pedagogy, analysing student feedback and by monitoring and analysing the students' learning outcomes. He has distinguished himself in the development of web-based learning and activating learning methods for extensive lecture courses. The feedback he has received for his web-based courses is, without exception, excellent. Flanagan's teaching methods are target oriented and engaging, and support learning in a multitude of ways. The research basis of his teaching is evident from, for example, the manner in which student projects are carried out. Flanagan is very active in developing teaching in his own field. He has also attended to duties related to teaching in his faculty and the University as a whole, including measures to prevent plagiarism.

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Mervi Halttunen-Nieminen, Clinical Instructor, is an experienced lecturer and small group instructor in clinical medicine. She has actively acquired training in university pedagogy and made use of this training by developing teaching in clinical medicine. Students have repeatedly elected her as the trainer of year. According to student feedback, she has a respectful attitude towards students and supports their individual study. What is more, she sets an example of a clinical professional for her students. Halttunen-Nieminen is especially adept at exploiting different teaching methods and making use of these in the development of teaching. She has also produced versatile teaching material and has accumulated merits in collaborative educational development. Halttunen-Nieminen has a broad range of interests and activities, such as the multiprofessional forums that she has created with partners from outside the University, bringing together representatives from different fields to learn collaboratively.

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University Lecturer Kirsti Korkka-Niemi, who holds a docentship in hydrogeology, is a teacher with the interest and patience to set herself in the student's position. She has a student-oriented approach to the development of teaching and adjusts her own teaching according to the circumstances and experiences of students. She has solid teaching experience and qualifications in university pedagogy. Her activities attest to continuous self-development and a long history in the teaching profession. Korkka-Niemi knows how to reflect on and deepen her teaching (through peer feedback, for example), thus enhancing her students' learning. She is genuinely interested in academic teaching and systematically analyses her teaching, in practice as well as in publications. Korkka-Niemi has created learning materials that are used in and sometimes also outside Finland. She is actively involved in the development of teaching and teaching practices not only in her own teaching and research community, but also on the departmental and faculty levels.

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University Lecturer Jaakko Kurhila, who serves as the head of studies at the Department of Computer Science, currently focuses on the management and development of teaching. Thanks to his earlier career, he has had extensive experience of teaching computer science. Kurhila's activities reflect his exceptional vision, inventiveness and creativity, not to mention his profound understanding of pedagogy and long-term development efforts. He determinately promotes students' learning and engages in systematic development. He puts heavy emphasis on research-based teaching combined with innovative teaching methods as well as dynamic and continuous contact with students and colleagues. Kurhila's merits in enhancing a communal spirit are extensive; he has been innovative and successful in this respect. He is a central force in his department and faculty and in the University and is thus able to disseminate good pedagogical practices.

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Raisa Laaksonen, University Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy, has received an international education and has experience of working abroad (Universities of London and Bath). At the University of Helsinki, Laaksonen has focused on the development of specialist education for holders of the degrees of Bachelor and Master of Science in Pharmacy. Laaksonen has distinguished merits as the creator and implementer of teaching and supervision practices that enhance learning; among other things, she has created a competence framework for specialist education in pharmacy, materials for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations as well as patient cases for problem-based teaching. She has actively developed her skills in university-level pedagogy in a variety of ways, for example, by applying for and receiving grants for teaching development and for researching the results of development projects. In teaching, she makes use of cooperation networks that include hospitals, health centres and other interest groups, as well as universities in Finland and abroad. She is a member of her faculty's academic affairs committee and teaching skills committee.

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Anu Laine, University Lecturer in the Didactics of Mathematics, conveys the impression of a versatile team player engaged in the long-term development of teaching, and she has been acknowledged for her efforts. Her teaching is marked by interaction and the engagement of students in the development of teaching, among other things, and she recognises and supports special learners. She can present solid evidence of producing and using innovative learning materials in teaching, and of research-based development of teaching in particular. Laine applies a wide range of feedback methods, systematically develops her teaching on the basis of student feedback and participates in continuing education in order to develop professionally. She is an active developer of teaching in her unit and well-known for her work in the field.

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Heikki Lokki, University Lecturer in Computer Science, is characterised by high pedagogical awareness, which is demonstrated not only by his endeavours to develop professionally and the teaching methods and learning materials he uses, but also by his engagement in the collaborative development of teaching. Lokki conveys the impression of being genuinely dedicated to his profession and its continuous and long-term development. His strengths include a teaching-oriented approach, genuine contact with his students and a strong awareness of the demands of the labour market that graduates in the field of computer science are facing. He has produced learning material that is in national use and he is known to be an active participant in national debates and other endeavours. He is a key force on departmental, faculty and University levels and a creative builder of bridges across disciplinary and institutional boundaries.

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Chiara Lombardini, University Lecturer in Economics, has completed extensive pedagogical studies and acquired teaching experience. She has been honoured as the teacher of the year in her own faculty. She has actively contributed to the development of teaching at the departmental level. She collects feedback from both students and colleagues and uses this in developing her teaching. She reflects on the continuous development of her own teaching and has also conducted some research on the scholarship of teaching. She describes several activating teaching and supervision practices and gives concrete examples of these. She actively produces teaching materials and utilises web-based tools.

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Pekka Louhiala, University Lecturer, is a renowned developer of teaching in medical ethics who has acquired his expertise through international networking. Louhiala has collaborated on both national and international forums to develop teaching in the field, and has made a positive impact with cooperation extending over faculty boundaries. His teaching focuses on steering the students' learning process and encouraging them to challenge their own thinking. Louhiala is especially merited as a producer of learning material and has published articles dealing with pedagogy. Louhiala receives positive feedback from his students and is not afraid to reveal critical feedback and disclose how he has used it to improve his teaching. In 2007, the Finnish medical students' association, Lääketieteen kandidaattiseura, honoured him as the lecturer of the year. Besides teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University, Louhiala is a popular speaker at various events organised in the field both in Finland and abroad.

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Olli Loukola, University Lecturer in Ethics, History of Philosophy and Applied Philosophy, has solid experience of international teaching cooperation. He is a profound, reflective pedagogue who recognises pedagogical problem areas in his field and subsequently makes systematic efforts to develop teaching. In doing so, he shows excellent pedagogical content knowledge, which is a necessary requirement for high-quality academic teaching. Loukola steers his students to think critically. He has developed ample learning material on the basis of student feedback, and these materials are used also internationally. Loukola's merited development of teaching has served as a basis for an international Master's degree programme.

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Leila Niemi-Murola, Clinical Instructor, develops teaching and her own professional skills by engaging in training, actively publishing teaching-related articles and by regularly attending conferences on the development of teaching. She has completed extensive pedagogical training, which she puts to use in the development of her own teaching and in the faculty at large. Niemi-Murola is an active player both nationally and internationally. Her merits derive primarily from her involvement in the coordination and large-scale organisation of teaching. She has also contributed to teaching provided in Swedish and has published on this topic. According to feedback received from colleagues and students, she has added versatile elements to basic teaching and has developed simulation teaching. In 2013 Niemi-Murola was awarded the "educationalist of the year" prize by the Finnish medical students' association (Lääketieteen kandidaattiseura), which testifies to her commitment to the development of teaching and to her success in meeting the students and their needs.

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Mikael Niku, University Lecturer in Anatomy and Developmental Biology, is a popular teacher who has given courses in several faculties and received the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine teaching award in 2011 as well as the University of Helsinki Educational Technology Award in 2002. Niku has developed his teaching by participating in training in university pedagogy. His strengths include the collection of feedback and its exploitation, and he also combines teaching and research with ease. He applies versatile and engaging teaching and assessment methods and has designed a large amount of illustrative and interesting lecture and learning material as well as a number of web-based learning platforms. Niku actively participates in the development of teaching in his faculty.

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Mari Pakkala-Weckström, University Lecturer in English Translation, is an active teacher who is genuinely interested in developing her teaching skills and in helping her students to understand the topic at hand. Pakkala-Weckström's teaching promotes learning and is extremely well connected to research. She has produced versatile and pedagogically well-justified learning material. She systematically collects feedback and uses it creatively to reform her teaching. She also attaches great importance to discussion as a method of teaching.

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Heikki Pihlajamäki, Professor of Comparative Legal History, has extensive teaching experience in national and international forums, which has contributed to his development as a teacher. He has systematically developed his skills by participating in training on university pedagogy, by serving as a trainer himself on such courses and by publishing teaching-related articles. Pihlajamäki applies highly versatile and innovative teaching practices (including a drama course and a course with simulations of legal cases) that support learning and highlight progressive inquiry and the students' engagement. Since the early 2000s, he has played a pioneering role in developing the problem-based approach in teaching at the Faculty of Law. Pihlajamäki is the author of an ample amount of teaching material that is well known both nationally and internationally. He engages collaboratively and actively in the development of teaching not only in his own faculty, but also across the University.

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University Researcher Päivi Salmesvuori, who holds a docentship in general church history and gender studies, is an innovative teacher who promotes deep learning. Her activities are characterised by internationally oriented research and teaching development that fosters collegial efforts. She uses innovative teaching and assessment methods and both regularly collects, analyses and exploits the feedback received and provides students with feedback. She is an active participant in her field internationally in terms of research and the production of learning materials. Thanks to her visits abroad as a researcher, she both imports and exports good teaching practices. All in all, Salmesvuori can present solid evidence of the continuous, systematic development of teaching, the consistent development of supervision practices, the production of high-quality learning materials and participation in the collaborative development of teaching.

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Outi Salminen, University Lecturer in Pharmacology and Toxicology, has had a long career in teaching, during which she has developed her skills through training, publishing pedagogy-related articles and participating in conferences on the development of teaching in her field. Salminen is particularly merited in the coordination of teaching and the use of versatile teaching methods. Her approach to teaching is practice oriented and supportive of students' learning. She has developed innovative learning materials for her teaching, such as role play. Salminen is a key participant in the development of teaching in her faculty as she actively participates in cooperation across department and discipline boundaries. Her colleagues regard her as a constructive, meticulous and responsible co-worker.

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Anna-Maija Virtala, University Lecturer in Veterinary Epidemiology, is an active pedagogue and the only teacher in her field in Finland. She has developed her pedagogical competence over the years by completing, for example, 60 credits worth of studies in university pedagogy. She is engaged in pedagogical research and has given several presentations and workshops on pedagogy. She applies collaborative and activating teaching and assessment methods and has produced versatile learning materials. Her activities convey a strong personal need and will to develop teaching. Virtala collaborates with both national and international partners in the development of teaching.

Anna-Maija Virtala in the TUHAT research database