The primary school, grades 1-6

The primary school of the University of Helsinki’s Viikki Teacher Training School has three classes in every grade. Distribution of information to and communication with guardians takes place via the Wilma system

We are a teacher training school of the University of Helsinki located in the Viikki district, and our history dates back to 1869 and the first Finnish-language girls’ school in Finland. Many of our traditions have long roots, laying the groundwork for our operating culture while also providing a foundation for further development. Over time, the school has switched locations across Helsinki, with the latest move from Haaga to new school facilities in Viikki completed in 2003, after which the primary school has been operating under the same roof with the lower secondary school and the general upper secondary school.

In basic education, we engender an appropriate and safe learning environment for our pupils, also supporting their welfare and growth towards upper secondary education.

The primary school of the Viikki Teacher Training School has 18 classes (three classes in each grade; A, B and C) and a little over 400 pupils. Our teachers are academic professionals who provide our pupils with an appropriate and safe environment for growth.

The administrative matters of the primary school at the Viikki Teacher Training School are the responsibility of Principal Kimmo Koskinen,

Heli Poutala-Villanen ( serves as the secretary responsible for matters related to the primary school.

We have a total of 19 class teachers and nine special needs teaching assistants. The latter also serve partly in the lower secondary school.


The primary school has a student body organisation, which constitutes an important part of a democratic operating culture. In the beginning of the autumn term, two members are selected from each class to the organisation’s board. In the primary school, the board is known as ‘pikkuparlamentti’ (‘little parliament’). The student body organisation encompasses all of the pupils of our school. These activities promote pupils’ abilities and skills in serving as representatives of their groups and train them in cooperation based on negotiation. The purpose of the little parliament is to guide pupils towards mutual cooperation, improve pupils’ status in the school and promote their hobbies and responsibility for the management of common matters.

The Viikin Norssin Tuki association (‘Support for the Viikki Teacher Training School’) functions as a collaboration forum for the school and homes. Association activities are open to pupils’ and students’ parents, teachers and school staff. A teacher representative for the school year 2021–2022 was appointed in May 2021. To finance its operations, the association collects a voluntary support fee. Each year, the parents’ association grants scholarships and organises, whenever possible, clubs and various events to inspire and maintain a collaborative spirit between homes and the school. Kevätkeikaus (‘Spring fling’) is an event organised by the parents’ association each spring that combines fun and support activities at the school. The chair of the association is elected for a two-year term at the autumn meeting. Current matters are announced on the association’s website at (in Finnish only).

Events of particular note are also announced through Wilma notifications.