Our school

The school’s history dates back to 1869, when it was the first Finnish-language girls’ school in Finland. In the school year 2018–2019, we celebrated our 150th anniversary. While we rely on tradition, we also take an open-minded attitude to the future. As part of the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Educational Sciences, we are responsible for the basic and continuing education of teachers. 

In accordance with our mission, the Viikki Teacher Training School is an inspiring and safe place to learn and work together. A lifestyle founded on sustainable development is the aim in all school operations. Our general upper secondary school was the first of its kind in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to receive a distinguished environmental certificate in summer 2008, while in autumn 2010 it was awarded the Vihreä lippu label (under the international Eco-Schools programme) and a sustainable development certificate in autumn 2014.

Our school in numbers


The Viikki Teacher Training School is an inspiring and safe place to learn and work together. 



The Viikki Teacher Training School is the workplace of children, young people and adults in which everyone is entitled to work safely. Our aim is to foster partnership as our school spirit, characterised by openness, honesty, mutual respect, fairness, shared responsibility and safety.


The Viikki Teacher Training School community is home to people of different backgrounds, ages and positions. To us, diversity is a resource that we wish to protect and nurture. Our school community’s actions demonstrate that we listen to each other and take each other into account. Mutual respect and considerate behaviour are the preconditions for agreeable and successful collaboration.

Vision and strategy (only in finnish)

Administrative principal

Tapio Lahtero, tapio.lahtero@helsinki.fi, 0503501361

General upper secondary school principal

Marja Martikainen, marja.k.mikkola@helsinki.fi, 0504484663

Basic education principal, grades 7–9

Ilkka Laasonen, ilkka.laasonen@helsinki.fi, 0503124377

Basic education principal, grades 1-6

Kimmo Koskinen, kimmo.i.koskinen@helsinki.fi, 0503263394

School office, grades 1–6 and the general upper secondary school

Heli Poutala-Villanen, vink-kanslia@helsinki.fi, 0503894125

School office, grades 7–9 and administration

Milla Söder-Bhandari, vink-kanslia@helsinki.fi, 0503448101

Guidance counsellors

Ida Kauppinen, ida.m.kauppinen@helsinki.fi, 0503183122

Elisa Vilhunen, elisa.vilhunen@helsinki.fi, 0503182303

Sanna Pöysä sanna.poysa@helsinki.fi, 0505707164


School janitors are Jarkko Järvinen, Pirkko Korkiakoski ja Anu Tikkanen.

email: vink-vaksi@helsinki.fi

Phone: 02 941 57930

Librarian Niko Määttä, niko.maatta@helsinki.fi, 02 941 57515

School nurse, grades 1. — 5. , Ansa Kokljuschkin, 050 436 2019

School nurse, grades 6.-— 9. and general upper secondary school, Hanna Korhonen, 050 527 7838

School social worker, grades 1. — 9., Matleena Kosunen, 040 661 7717

School social worker, general upper secondary school, Nanna Myrskylä, 040 718 0744

School psychologist, general upper secondary school, Hanna Vappula, 050 401 3276