Instructions for events on Stage

Think Corner's Stage is a place for science and research based events. Here you can find instructions for planning your event at Stage.

Design the program so that the services provided by Think Corner en­able a smooth event - even for those par­ti­cip­at­ing re­motely. Limit the num­ber of speak­ers to keep the con­tent of your event com­pact and the con­ver­sa­tion smooth.

Instructions by topic

The facility rent includes the following services:  

  • PA sound system includes six microphones
  • Live video recording of the event with one stationary camera. Make sure that the program is also suitable for a possible remote audience. Please note that not all events are suitable for streaming.
  • Live chat to engage your audience. Be prepared to moderate the chat during the event. The chat does not require the viewer to register with the system. If you use some other communication platform, for example Mentimeter or Padlet, you should also reserve a person to manage that.
  • Projecting pre-delivered presentations and broadcasting them in live-stream. 
  • Video recording of the event. The recording will remain on Think Corner’s website for two weeks without subtitles. After the event, we will send you a link where you can download an unedited recording of the event. Events organized by the University of Helsinki can submit subtitles to the recording, in which case the recording will remain on the pages of Tiedekulma for about six months. 

Think Corner staff will handle the AV services during your event. To make sure that the event runs technically smoothly, the presentations and the program timetable should be sent in advance to Think Corner Studio Managers. The template for the program timetable will be sent to you along with the booking confirmation (you can also download the template here).

Click here for the recommended stage furnishing options.

Additional services are to be purchased at the latest two weeks before the event at

  • Multi-camera streaming with 6 cameras. This service includes additional 4 microphones (total of 10 microphones).  
  • Re­mote con­nec­tion to a speaker. We recommend using pre-produced and edited video inserts. Even brief inserts enrich and diversify events. However, if you need a remote connection, make the arrangements well in advance to ensure that the required resources are available during the event. 
  • Mu­sic per­form­ances. Contact Unigrafia to agree on additional services related to mixing of music performances. Stage's audio equipment is suitable for mixing small bands. The maximum volume is 84db A-Weighted. 
  • Less is more: use text sparingly in your presentations. Use keywords or lists instead of long sentences. The size of text in videos, pictures and PowerPoint presentations should be sufficiently big, for example 40 pt.  
  • Pictures and videos with plenty of contrast work well in the projected presentations. E.g. white text with a black background or vice versa.

Recommended picture sizes and aspect ratios for pictures, videos and Power Point-presentations:  

  • Minimum resolution: 1920x1080px 
  • PowerPoint: aspect ratio 16:9 (widescreen) 
  • Video: FPS 25 or 50 aspect ratio of 16:9

Recommended file formats: 

  • Picture: JPG, JPEG, PNG 
  • Video: unpacked MOV, MPG, MP4 
  • PowerPoint: PPT, PPTX 
  • The projection can be full wide (3840x1080px i.e. 32:9 aspect ratio) or the width of one projector (1920x1080px i.e. 16:9 aspect ratio). 
  • Respect copyrights, do not use material that you do not have full rights to or the copyright owner’s permission to present them. Disclose the source of the picture or diagram next to it (but remember providing a link does not mean you have the right to use the source). The safest way is to use pictures that are taken by yourself or by someone you know who has agreed to you using them. Helsinki University students and employees can use pictures from Uni Material Bank. You can also utilize CC0 material found on picture banks such as Pexels or Pixabay. 

Send present­a­tion ma­ter­ial and the program timetable two days before the event!

  • Name your files with the name of the speaker and the date of the event: speaker’s_name_ddmmyy. Before delivering the presentation material, please make sure that the files are in the right format and size. 
  • You can send the material via email to You can also share the material via  Google Drive or WeTransfer by sending the download link to If you choose to deliver the material with an external hard drive, please contact the Studio Managers (, tel. 040 548 4141). Please note, that we do not accept presentation materials delivered on the day of the event.
  • Make sure the presentation materials are made with basic fonts. Our presentation computers do not have customised fonts so the font can be replaced randomly by another font.
  • To make sure that the event runs technically smoothly the program timetable should be sent to Think Corner Studio Managers ( in advance. The presentations are put in order accordingly. 
  • If you want to show video with audio, multimedia or other specialities, please send the files separately. Always inform our staff about any "special effects" such as audiofiles, as they require testing prior to the event. 
  • What to wear at a streamed event: clothes with small stripes or figures might cause disturbance in the picture, therefore one color clothing works better in streamed events. However, a completely white shirt or dress can be over exposed on camera. We also recommend clothing in which it is possible to attach a microphone (for example a belt or pockets).