About The Helsinki Programme

Starting a new life in a foreign country is very exciting but can also be quite intimidating. But not to worry! The Helsinki Programme with all its services and benefits will help make that transition smoother. The programme features step-by-step guidance with the important official maneuvers as well as a wide range of things that are just there to simply inspire you and to make your path pleasant and memorable. You can start imagining and building your new life in Helsinki even before you apply!

Ever wonder how changing the scenery completely might help you build the life you’ve envisioned? Helsinki, the capital of Finland in Northern Europe is an excellent place to start afresh. The city is not only very dynamic and creative but also safe and extremely functional. In addition, there is no better place than the University of Helsinki to explore the vistas of becoming one of the best in the academic field of your choosing. The Helsinki Programme will help you in gathering all the right ingredients to make your life and studies flow in a harmonious fashion.

So begin to take the steps in becoming who you were meant to be!