Pro Soc&kom

Come and support the activities of Soc&kom by contributing to the Pro Soc&kom fund!

The fund was established for the anniversary year 2013 and aims to financially support studies at Soc&kom as well as social science teaching, research and societal activities at the university. 

You can support Soc&kom by donating to the Pro Soc&kom fund. The funds are invested in a profitable, ethical and safe way. In this way, the fund can also provide a stable annual return.

How to donate

Donate easily using an online form

You can also donate by making a bank transfer. 

Account number: Nordea: IBAN = FI15 1660 3001 0767 70, BIC = NDEAFIHH 
Recipient: University of Helsinki Funds 
Message: Name of the intended fund or project, name and contact information of the donor  

For donations of €850 or more, please complete a deed of donation as well. 

Read more about donating on the University’s website. 

Club Giraffe

Club Giraffe is a donor community hosted by the rector and chancellor, where donors, researchers and students can meet and interact. All donors of €1,000 or more are invited to join the club. We also invite organisers of anniversary fundraising campaigns and legacy donors to join the Club.