For alumni

Become a Soc&kom alumnus! All Soc&kom graduates, exchange students and employees are alumni of Soc&kom and the University of Helsinki.

As an alumnus, you can keep in touch with Soc&kom and remain part of the community. You get information about what is going on at the University and can maintain contact with old acquaintances.  

At the same time, you are part of the University of Helsinki's alumni network. Through it, you can get support, knowledge and contacts for your working life. As an alumnus, you can also support students with mentoring and career guidance. 


Join the alumni network

Register and become part of the Soc&kom and University of Helsinki alumni network.

The membership is free of charge.  

The Soc&kom day

Each November, the Swedish School of Social Science organizes an open alumni event known as the Soc&kom day. The event focuses on a topic of current and social relevance, which is explored through interesting talks by the school’s researchers and cooperation partners, followed by discussion and socializing. 

Alumni associations

In addition to the Soc&kom and University of Helsinki alumni networks, there are various alumni organizations where you can get involved. 

Soc&koms vänner

Soc&koms vänner is a unifying link between past and present students and staff at Soc&kom. The association also supports social science teaching and research at Soc&kom on a voluntary and financial basis. 

Understödsföreningen för StudOrg

Understödsföreningen för StudOrg brings together formerly active students who want to continue to support the organization and keep in touch with each other. The association also works for the long-term financial stability of StudOrg.