Education and studying

Knowledge of people and societies is an important part of understanding and influencing development in a globalised world. Information and ideas develop and are shaped at an ever increasing pace when people and cultures meet. Ways of communicating evolve. All this gives rise to new challenges for coexistence and wellbeing. The Swedish School of Social Science educates experts who understand societal development and can contribute to the creation of a just, democratic and sustainable society.

In the School’s Bachelor’s Programme in Social Sciences, you can study journalism and communication, social psychology, political science (with a focus on administration), sociology, law, and social work and social policy.

After the bachelor’s degree the students can automatically continue in the Master’s Programme in Social Sciences, which is a joint programme with the Faculty of Social Sciences. The bachelor´s and master's programmes are taught in Swedish but some courses are offered in English.

The School invests in the development of digital learning environments and the provision of small-group teaching to increase the flexibility of studies and enable students to develop a wide range of skills. Read more about the teaching and teaching methods at the School.