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The City of Helsinki and the University of Helsinki are promoting entrepreneurship in cooperation through Helsinki Think Company. Think Company is a meeting place for a new kind of academic entrepreneurship which turns the University’s scholarly knowledge into business ideas and companies. In addition to the University’s Think Corner on the City Centre Campus, Think Company also has locations on the Viikki Campus as well as in the Biomedicum building in Meilahti.

Your donation supports the creation of a culture of entrepreneurship

Helsinki Think Company is a meeting place and space for developing and sharing know-how. Its work is funded by the Helsinki Think Company fund, through which friends of the University, alumni and partners can join in to help instil and nurture an entrepreneurial mode of thinking among students and researchers. Donations to the fund are used in full to support academic entrepreneurship.

All donations to the Helsinki Think Company fund help further its purpose. They help the Helsinki think Company provide its open space and organise content and events that promote entrepreneurship. We publish names of organisations and individuals donating more than €250 on the donor board, which will be placed in the Helsinki Think Company space. A donation of €1,000 could enable us to give a grant to a talented entrepreneur or group. We also invite all donors of €1,000 or more to the Giraffe Club.

Unallocated donations are assigned to whichever project supporting entrepreneurship is seen as the most important at the time. You can also support Helsinki Think Company through partnership. For more details on partnerships, please look on the Helsinki Think Company website>>

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Easy and quick way to support Helsinki Think Company is to donate online. Choose "Helsinki Think Company -rahasto" on the online form. Donate online now >>

For more information:
Community Relations, University of Helsinki, 029 41 21650