Donations to law

Donors have played an important part in promoting the Faculty’s research and teaching.

With the help and support of the donors the Faculty of Law has been able to establish several new professorships and even to recruit the Faculty's first ever professor of practice among other things. Professorships are a direct way to strengthen teaching and research, and they offer responsible duties to young researchers. They are an investment in the future. It is a pleasure to engage in ever closer cooperation in these fields with parties outside academia.

There are several ways to support the Faculty of Law. As a donor, you can support research and teaching at the Faculty of Law, for example, by donating through the University funds or by supplying grants or textbooks to students. The University’s donor pages contain practical advice and further information about donations.

The Faculty is happy to answer any questions concerning donations. Vice-Dean Leena Halila ( is in charge of community relations. You may also contact Dean Pia Letto-Vanamo ( for further information about the Faculty’s operations and donation opportunities.

The Faculty thanks all its present and future donors!