Donated professorships

The University of Helsinki employs more than 100 professors, researchers and other experts in positions funded entirely or partially with donated funds. Some of the positions are permanent, some fixed term. Part-time positions are marked with an asterisk (*).The donated positions have had great impact, which is apparent in the fact that several positions which were originally established with donated funds are now being covered by the University’s own core funding. Thank you, partners and donors!

Professorship in geoinformatics, professor Markus Holopainen
Spatial Data Centre of the National Land Survey of Finland, the Finnish Forest and Park Service

Professorship in the economics of Baltic Sea protection, professor Kari Hyytiäinen
City of Helsinki

Professorship in animal breeding, professor Pekka Uimari
Professorship in forest–atmosphere interactions*, professor Jaana Bäck
Svenskspråkigt universitetslektorat i lantbruksekonomi, Stefan Bäckman
Income from the Future Fund

Professorship in international forest policy, professor Maria Brockhaus
Assistant professorship in agrotechnology, assistant professor Antti Lajunen
Assistant professorship in soil and environmental science, professor Mari Pihlatie
The University of Helsinki’s 375 Future Fund

Professorship in American studies, professor Mikko Saikku
McDonnell Douglas Aerospace

Professorship in non-fiction literature and non-fiction writing, professor Pirjo Hiidenmaa
Association of Finnish Non-Fiction Writers (fund), Tieteen tiedotus ry and the Lauri Jäntti Foundation

Professorship in business history, professor Niklas Jensen-Eriksen
The professorship is based on donations made to celebrate Casimir Ehrnrooth.

Swedish-language tenure track assistant professorship in marine archaeology, assistant professor Kristin Ilves
Income from the Future Fund

Tenure track assistant professorship in indigenous studies, assistant professor Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen
The University of Helsinki’s 375 Future Fund and its proceeds

Tenure track professorship in Russian security policy, assistant professor Katri Pynnöniemi
The University of Helsinki’s 375 Future Fund and its proceeds

Professorship in Baltic Sea research, professor Alf Norkko
Walter och Andrée de Nottbecks stiftelse, Finnish Environment Institute

Assistant professorship in functional biodiversity of the Baltic Sea, assistant professor Aleksandra Lewandowska
Walter och Andrée de Nottbecks stiftelse

Professorship in urban ecosystem research, professor Heikki Setälä
City of Lahti

Professorship in fisheries biology, professor Sakari Kuikka
City of Kotka, Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute

Professorship in multidisciplinary risk analysis, professor Päivi Haapasaari
Finnish Environment Institute, City of Kotka

Professorship in environmental biotechnology, professor Martin Romantschuk
City of Lahti

Professorship in environmental research, professor Lauri Arvola
Kehittämiskeskus Oy Häme

Professor in sustainable development, professor Kristina Lindström
Income from the Future Fund

Professorship in food culture, Professor Johanna Mäkelä (dean of the Faculty 2018–2021), deputised by Professor Mari Niva
Several donors, proceeds from the Future Fund

Professor in small children's pedagogy, professor Mirjam Kalland
Assistant professorship in technology pedagogy, assistant professor Kaiju Kangas
Assistan professorship in pedagogy, assistant professor Sonja Kosunen
Professorship in teacher education, professor Erika Löfström
The University of Helsinki’s 375 Future Fund

Professorship in sports law, professor Antti Aine

Assistant professorship in social law, professor Jari Murto
The University of Helsinki’s 375 Future Fund

The Finnish Pension Alliance TELA

Professorship in copyright, professor Taina Pihlajarinne
Professorship in Nordic law, (This position has not yet been filled)
Professorship in insurance and indemnity law, professor Mika Hemmo
Professorship in communication law, professor Päivi Korpisaari
Professorship in environmental law, professor Kai Kokko
The Future Fund

Finance Finland, the Suomen Arvopaperimarkkinoiden edistämissäätiö foundation and the Finnish Work Environment Fund

Vesa Vainio professorship in comparative tax law
Nordea Bank Ab

Professorship in energy law*, professor Kim Talus
City of Vaasa, Vaasan sähkö

Bilingual university lectureship in law*
City of Vaasa, Municipality of Mustasaari, Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Harry Schaumans Stiftelse, Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet, Stiftelsen Handlanden Gustaf Svanlungs Donationsfond, Högskolestiftelsen i Österbotten, the Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce

Swedish-speaking doctoral student in law
Aktia Pankki Oyj

Professorship in pharmacoeconomics, professor Marja Blom
University Pharmacy

Professorship in social pharmacy, professor Marja Airaksinen
University Pharmacy

Swedish-language professorship in medical toxicology; the position has not yet been filled.
Income from the Future Fund

Professor in pharmacogenetics, professor Mikko Niemi
University Pharmacy

Professorship in adolescent psychiatry*, professor Mauri Marttunen
The Yrjö and Tuulikki Ilvonen Fund, National Institute for Health and Welfare  

Professorship in rheumatology*, professor Kari Eklund
Abbvie Oy

Professorship in internal medicine, professor Tuomo Nieminen
South Karelia Social and Health Care District, Viipurin tuberkuloosisäätiö  

Swedish-language professorship in psychiatry
Hospital District of Vaasa

Professorship in geriatric psychiatry, professor Hannu Koponen
Swedish-language professorship in anaesthesiology, Smärtmedicin, professor Eija Kalso
Professorship in clinical pharmacology and personalised medicine*, professor Janne Backman
Professorship in traffic medicine* (The position has not yet been filled.)
Professorship in neurological rehabilitation* (The position has not yet been filled.)
Professorship in medical genetics*, professor Kristiina Aittomäki*
Professorship in coagulation disorders*, professor Riitta Lassila
Professorship in palliative medicine*, professor Tiina Saarto
Professorship in physiatry*, professor Jari Arokoski
Professorship in acute medicine*, professor Maaret Castren
Proceeds from the Future Fund in the University’s core capital are used to fund these professorships. The Future Fund is based on donations made between 2010 and 2012 as well as the Finnish Government’s matched-funding investment.

Professorship in paediatric endocrinology, professor Outi Mäkitie
The Sigrid Juselius Foundation  

The Niilo Hallman professorship in translational paediatrics, professor Taneli Raivio
Foundation for Pediatric Research 




Research director, Unit of Chemistry Teacher Education, Department of Chemistry, research director Maija Aksela
Borealis Polymers Oy, Oy EKOKEM Ab, Kemira Oyj, Kemira GrowHow Oyj, Neste Oil Oyj ja Kemianteollisuus ry

Tenure track Swedish-language assistant professorship in geography, new professor to be appointed during summer 2018
Tenure track assistant professorship in radar meteorology, assistant professor Dmitry Moisseev
Income from the Future Fund

Professorship in data science, professor Pan Hui
Data curator, Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus
The University of Helsinki’s 375 Future Fund

Professorship in empirical macroeconomics, professor Antti Ripatti
Statistics Finland

Professorship in social gerontology, professor Ilkka Pietilä
City of Lahti

Professorship in social work, with an emphasis on practitioner research in social work, professor Mirja Satka
The cities of Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen, MinEdu

University lectureship in practitioner research in social work, university lecturer Aino Kääriäinen
The cities of Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen

Professorship in social statistics, professor Mikko Myrskylä
Statistics of Finland

Professorship in disability research, professor Katsui Hisayo
Professorship in social work*
Tenure track assistant professorship in economic research
Assistant professorship in ageing research, assistant professor Kathrin Komp
Income from the Future Fund

University lectureship in urban theology, university lecturer Henrietta Grönlund
The Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland

Career planning officer, planning officer Timo Åvist
The Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland

Professorship in milk hygiene and cattle health, professor Päivi Rajala-Schultz
Professorship in industrial milk hygiene, professor Miia Lindström
The Walter Ehrström Foundation

Professur i husdjursvälfärd, svenskspråkig, professor Anna Valros
Anna och Karl Eklunds stiftelse, Finlands veterinärmedicinska stiftelse, Konstsamfundet, Stiftelsen Finlandsvenska Jordfonden, Stödstiftelsen för veterinärmedicinsk forskning, Sparbankstiftelsen, Svenska kulturfonden, Svenska Lantbruksproducenters Centralförbund, Vetcare Oy, Universitets apoteket samt Walter Ehrströms stiftelse

Professorship in veterinary anaesthesia and pain management (This position has not yet been filled.)
University Pharmacy, Vetcare Oy, the Finnish Veterinary Foundation, the Foundation of Veterinary Medicine in Finland

Specialising veterinarian, equine diseases* (The position has not yet been filled.)
Income from the Future Fund

The Jane and Aatos Erkko professorship in studies on contemporary society, Professor Molly Andrews 2019–2020, Professor Karen Knop 2020–2021.
The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation