We are seeking postdoctoral researcher/doctoral student

We are seeking for the Mikkeli unit


for a temporary contract 1st Oct 2018 – 31st March 2020 to work in a project called ”Strengthening the overall competitiveness of Finnish livestock production” funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and led by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). In addition to the Ruralia Institute, the Finfood - Finnish Food Information is a partner in the project. The project explores the basis of competitiveness and environmental performance of Finnish livestock production in comparison to importing countries.

The tasks of the postdoctoral researcher/doctoral student will focus on comparing the environmental impacts of Finnish and foreign livestock production. Specifically, the emphasis will be on descriptions of environmental state in different countries and impacts of livestock production on biodiversity, ecotoxicity and energy use. The comparisons will be performed based on literature and statistics. The candidate is expected to have a degree in agriculture, biology or environmental sciences and good English language skills.

A person appointed as a postdoctoral researcher is required to have a doctoral degree and ability to work independently. A person appointed as a doctoral student is required to have a master degree and apply for the right for doctoral studies from the University of Helsinki within six (6) months after starting the post unless they already have the right for doctoral studies.

The salary of a postdoctoral researcher will be based on levels 5 (the total monthly salary at the beginning of the contract is ca. EUR 3500 per month, depending on the appointee’s qualifications and experience) and doctoral student on levels 2 – 4 (the total monthly salary at the beginning of the contract is ca. EUR 2200-3050 per month) of the job requirement scheme for teaching and research staff in the salary system of Finnish universities.