Research funding for Ruralia community members

The South Ostrobothnia Regional Fund and the South Savo Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation have awarded a doctoral thesis grant to three Ruralia Institute researchers and doctoral students. In addition, the Academy of Finland provided a three-year grant to a postdoctoral researcher at Ruralia.

South Ostrobothnia Regional Fund provided grants for a wide range of fields. A total of 85 grants were awarded.

The following members of the Ruralia Institute’s Seinäjoki unit received a grant:

Marja Enbuska, MSSc, received €26,000 from the K.G.R. Ahlbäck Fund for a doctoral thesis on the experiences of immigrants of belonging to a rural community.

Outi Hakala, MSc (Agr & For), received €26,000 from the Viljo Syrenius Fund and the South Ostrobothnia Osuuspankkiliitto ry Fund for a doctoral thesis on the impact of the sustainability transformation associated with consumer behaviour on regional economies and emissions causing climate change.

South Savo Regional Fund provided grants worth €700,000. Grants were provided to 57 applicants, including the following member of the Ruralia Institute’s Mikkeli unit:

Heli Lehtinen, MSc (Agr & For), received €26,000 from the William, Bertta and Erkki Lylys Fund for a doctoral thesis on regenerative organic agricultural production in Finland.

Academy of Finland selected new postdoctoral researchers in social sciences and humanities

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Culture and Society has granted funding for 30 new postdoctoral researchers, including the following member of the Ruralia Institute community:

Postdoctoral Researcher Galina Kallio received €290,576 for a period of three years to investigate the theme of ‘More-than-human economies in the era of ecological crisis – tracing human-soil relations, reciprocity and livelihoods in practices of regenerative food (re)production’.