Open postition for University Researcher at Mikkeli unit

The field of the position is sustainable economy and cooperatives. In their research, the appointee is expected to focus on the adaptation and change needs of various economic models in response to the sustainability transformation.

The aim is to produce high-quality research-based knowledge to support companies and other economic actors in promoting the sustainability transformation as well as in adapting to it. The duties of the university researcher include not only research work, but also the planning and management of research projects in the field, the provision of university-level teaching, and active public engagement. The goal is to establish a research group with strong national and international networks.

The appointee’s research should also explore cooperatives, as the Ruralia Institute has a specific responsibility for research and national development of teaching in this area:

Co-op Network Studies (CNS) is a network established by a group of six universities. Teaching within the framework of the network is developed, produced and coordinated by the Ruralia Institute of the University of Helsinki together with the other participating universities. The university network was established in 2005 and offers multidisciplinary, web-based minor subject courses and modules related to the co-operative sector and social economy.

Read the full announcement and directions for applying: /en/open-positions/university-researcher-sustainable-economy-and-cooperatives

The closing date for applications is 5.5.2021.