International Journal of Cooperative Law

At the beginning of July 2018 Ius Cooperativum published the first issue of the first ever international journal of cooperative law – International Journal of Cooperative Law, IJCL.

The idea to publish such a journal had been in the air for a long time. When the decades-lasting disinterest in cooperative law finally subsided, opinions on whether to have a separate journal or whether to publish in existing journals and thus draw the attention of a wider community of lawyers were divided. The editors considered also that similar journals are being published. But none in English and none which would cover all legal traditions.

The idea was discussed with a larger group of lawyers and economists during the International Cooperative Alliance research conference in 2015 at Almeria/Spain. Shortly after that, the decision to put the idea into practice was taken by a group of five lawyers who constituted Ius Cooperativum during the same event. Ius Cooperativum has three main activities: to organize every second year an international conference on cooperative law (which it did in 2016 at Montevideo and in 2018 at Athens), to maintain a world-map of cooperative lawyers and to publish the IJCL.

The IJCL is to contribute to theorizing cooperative law, a prerequisite for the institutionalization of the specifics of cooperative enterprises through law. It therefore aspires to represent through its advisory board and its content all legal traditions.

International Journal of Cooperative Law, IJCL is freely accessible at this link.

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