PUUSTAUS project brings together the actors of the forestry education network and representatives of key stakeholders to identify how innovation and foresight thinking can be directly connected to forestry education at different levels.

The joint development of teaching and education is done by piloting a future-thinking and innovation camp-style teaching event for forestry students and by jointly producing online teaching materials for wide use at different levels of forestry education. The students' future camp also networks forestry students from different education levels, enabling the birth of new ideas, innovation paths and future networks.

Team members: Juha Rikala, Laura T. Haapala, Ninni Westerholm, Harriet Gullstén, Antti Knaapila, Tuula Jyske (PI).

Funder: Metsämiesten Säätiö Foundation

Intended duration: 3 years, 01/09/2023 → 

How will Finland live from wood in 2050 - forecasting and joint development of know-how