Nature-Based Serenity Solutions

The Nature-Based Serenity Solutions -project is implemented as an interactive exhibition space on the Viikki campus, in the EE-building.

The exhibition emphasizes the importance of an environment that supports well-being in work and study communities by showcasing visible and tangible nature-based innovative building and decoration materials. In the working hubs, the visitors can experience and evaluate the effects of natural materials on, for example, physical well-being.

Team members: Reetta Nakari, Xie Long, Ninni Westerholm, Laura T Haapala, Tuula Jyske (PI).

Partners: Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Kaltiot, InnoGreen, Smartblock.

Funder: Kipinä, University of Helsinki

Project duration: 01/04/2024  →