In the LUONTEVA development project, regional think tank and model concepts for nature-based, energy-efficient and carbon-wise construction and living are developed through experiments and joint development and building networks.

We focus on carbon-wise insulation solutions (interior structures of buildings) and modular green wall solutions (exterior structures of buildings). The project is based on collaboration with Tampere University (TAU) and natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

LUONTEVA team: Milla Koponen, Jutta Varis, Kirsi S. Mikkonen, Long Xie, Tuula Jyske (PI).

Project partners: Juha Vinha, Eero Tuominen, Mikael Westermarck (TAU); Henri Vanhanen, Marta Cortina Escribano, Jutta Kauppi (Luke).

Funder: Pirkanmaan liitto, European Regional Funding

Project duration: 01/11/2023 → 31/10/2026

Energy-efficient and carbon-smart built environment – nature-based construction solutions in Pirkanmaa

WP1 Bio-innovation of carbon-smart building materials (e.g., mycelia insulation) & regional value-chain analysis

WP2 Study and guidelines on the energy and carbon impacts of the use of vertical green elements

WP3 Co-creation, testing and business seminars of building materials and innovations

WP4 Exhibition and think tank event for the public

WP5 Connecting to national and international RDI and business ecosystems

LUONTEVA – think tank and RDI ecosystem