In FUNgSULATION, novel insulation materials will be bioinnovated by utilizing biomass from rewetted soils: cattail and willow.

We aim to unleash the advantages of chemical and structural properties of biomasses. The suitability of biomass fractions as a nutrient source for fungal growth will be tested to create solid biohybrid mycelium composites together with Kirsi S. Mikkonen research group. The insulation materials will be characterized for their technical performance and applicability, as well as end-user perception.

FUNgSULATION team: Peter Petros, Pauliina Lankinen, Jutta Varis, Kirsi S. Mikkonen (PI), Tuula Jyske (PI).

Funder: The faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki

Project duration: 01/09/2023 → 31/08/2027