Principal investigators

The Virtual Laboratory for Molecular Level Atmospheric Transformations is a Centre of Excellence that will combine atmospheric and computer science to construct a virtual laboratory for atmospheric aerosol formation, interactively integrating experimental and theoretical state-of-the art methods from the fields of chemistry, physics and artificial intelligence.
Hanna Vehkamäki

Theory and modelling of atmospheric transformations, molecular level modelling of clustering. Director of the Centre of Excellence.

Theo Kurtén

Theory and modelling of atmospheric transformations, computational atmospheric chemistry. Vice director of the CoE.

Arkke Eskola

Experiments, radical reaction kinetics.

Juha Kangasluoma

Experiments, experimental aerosol science​.

Kari Lehtinen

Theory and modelling of atmospheric transformations, aerosol dynamics and inverse modeling​.

Kai Puolamäki

Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Patrick Rinke

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, machine learning in materials science​.

Matti Rissanen

Experiments, free radical oxidation chemistry.

Siegfried Schobesberger

Experiments, chemical ionization mass spectrometry.

Mikko Sipilä

Experiments, mass spectrometry instrumentation development.