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Open positions

The Department of Applied Physics at the Aalto University is now looking for a

Doctoral Researcher (PhD student) in Machine Learning and Molecular Modelling of Aerosol Chemistry

We are looking for a PhD student to join the Computational Electronic Structure Theory (CEST) group at the Department of Applied Physics at Aalto University. In this position, you will have a chance to make an impact in atmospheric science by applying tools from quantum chemistry and artificial intelligence to molecular modelling of aerosol chemistry. Your project will be a part of the recently founded Center of Excellence in Research on Atmospheric Science, VILMA (funded by the Academy of Finland in the period 2022-2029). Our long-term objective is to understand molecular aggregation processes in the atmosphere and how they affect air quality and climate change.

Your role and goals

You will develop and implement machine learning approaches to predict molecular clustering behavior of atmospheric compounds. As a member of VILMA, you will collaborate with experimentalists, theoreticians and computer scientists. You will run quantum chemistry codes (e.g., density-functional theory), analyze molecular processes, devise molecular descriptors, analyze computational and experimental data, develop active learning workflows alongside data analytics tools and run artificial intelligence algorithms in high-performance computing environments.

Your experience and ambitions

We welcome candidates with a master’s degree in chemistry, physics or computer science who are curious about applied machine learning in the natural sciences. We seek colleagues who enjoy coding, scripting and analytics, and who are keen to push the boundaries of computational chemistry, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This project requires creative thinking and programming.  Candidates benefit from a broad understanding of computational science and atmospheric chemistry. Prior machine learning experience is a merit but not a requirement. We further appreciate willingness to travel, collaborate and communicate science.

We require the candidates to have excellent skills in English. Finnish language is not required.

What we offer

In the Computational Electronic Structure Theory (CEST) group, led by Prof. Patrick Rinke, we advance electronic structure theory and machine learning to pursue innovative applications towards future technologies and sustainability. We are a multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary team, with complementary subgroups and talents. You will train in quantum chemistry and machine learning applications with experienced developers, meet our global network of collaborators, join us at scientific meetings, help us organize research workshops and get involved in academic and diversity outreach. In combination with the academic development courses at Aalto University, we will help you grow a competitive and international career profile. You will also be part of the VILMA Center of Excellence in Atmospheric Science and the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) and join a vibrant community at the crossroads of artificial intelligence, physics, chemistry and atmospheric science research.

Learn more and apply for the position at the Aalto University website. The deadline for applications is May 12, 2023. 

Open Call for Applications

The Finnish Centre of Excellence: Virtual Laboratory for Molecular Level Atmospheric Transformations (VILMA) continuously invites applications from talented PhD and MSc students and postdoctoral researchers. The objective of VILMA is to model atmospheric molecular level processes efficiently and to understand the underlying mechanisms and causal connections. VILMA will combine first-principles quantum chemical and other simulations and probabilistic machine learning and artificial intelligence models with interactive visualisation and exploratory data analysis. To learn more about the research topics of our principal investigators, please visit the page Principal investigators.

If you are interested in working with us, please send a motivation letter specific to VILMA of about 1500-3000 characters to vilma-rekry(at) In your letter, please explain why you would like to work with us, briefly describe some research topic you would like to work on and specify no more than three VILMA principal investigator(s) you are most interested in working with. Please attach to your email a CV and list of publications as well as a copy of your study transcript (an unofficial copy is ok) if you are interested in a student position. Please note that we will not consider applications under 1500 characters.

We will read the applications regularly and contact you in case we find an opening for a possible position that coincides with your competences and research interests. We thank you for your application and interest towards VILMA Centre of Excellence.