Turo Hiltunen

Turo Hiltunen, PhD, is university lecturer at the Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki.

Hiltunen is a corpus linguist specialising in the analysis of academic English, past and present. He is also involved in compilation of linguistic corpora.

Contact information


PhD, Researcher

Room C624, Unioninkatu 40

PL 24, 00014 Helsingin yliopisto, Finland

Phone: +358 (0)50-3185024, 23519

E-mail: turo.hiltunen(at)helsinki.fi

Research interests

My main research interest is variation in Present day academic English. My PhD thesis (2010) analysed grammatical variation in research writing, focusing on three core constructions in texts representing different areas of enquiry. I have also done work on related genres, such as student writing and, more recently, Wikipedia articles. I have also contributed to the compilation and annotation of linguistic corpora, such as Early Modern English Medical TextsLate Modern English Medical Texts, and Hanken Corpus of Academic Writing. As a member of the Scientific Thought-styles project, I have also published papers on different aspects of early medical writing.

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