Anu Lehto

Anu Lehto is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki.

She defended her PhD thesis in 2015 on linguistic complexity in Early Modern English parliamentary acts and proclamations. Her post-doctoral research continues the work on historical legal texts by focusing on parliamentary acts of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition, she is a member of the Scientific thought-styles project and participates in the compilation of a corpus of eighteenth-century medical texts.

Contact information

MA, Postgraduate researcher

PL 24, 00014 Helsingin yliopisto, Finland

E-mail: anu.lehto(at)

Research interests

I have a special interest in historical legal writing, encompassing both syntactic and textual level features of national legislation. I am currently also studying the representation of different social groups in historical parliamentary acts. In general, I am interested in genre studies, historical pragmatics and corpus linguistics. My research further revolves around historical medical writing and especially on texts on medical institutions and public health.

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