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List of recent (last two years) conference presentations

Kurppa M. et al. Including Aerosol Dynamic Processes in LES: Evaluation and Application, American Meteorological Society 100th Annual Meeting, 11-16.1.2020, Boston, US

Järvi L. et al. Sources and sinks of local-scale CO2 fluxes in a Nordic city of Helsinki. 2nd Nordic ICOS Conference, 24-25.10.2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

Järvi L. et al. Spatial variability of local-scale CO2 emissions in Helsinki. European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, 9-13.9.2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kurppa M. et al. Combining urban fluid dynamics and aerosol modelling. European Aerosol Conference, 25-30.8.2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

Kurppa M. et al. Exploiting Helsinki region open data in fluid dynamics modelling: Support for sustainable urban planning. Sustainability Science Days, 9-10.5.2019, Helsinki, Finland

Havu M. et al. Impact of different planning alternatives to minimise carbon dioxide emissions in central Helsinki. Sustainability Science Days, 9-10.5.2019, Helsinki, Finland

Järvi L. et al. Surface exchange and vertical transport of aerosols, ACTRIS-2 Final General Meeting, 1-4.4.2019, Darmstadt, Germany

Järvi L. et al. What have we so far learned from urban eddy covariance observations from Helsinki. 20th Anniversary of Hyytiälä EUROFLUX workshop. 10-14.12.2018, Juupajoki, Finland

Kokkonen T. et al. How can the urban climate service tool UMEP-SUEWS be used to support urban planning? Smart Cities in Smar Regions, 26-27.9.2018, Lahti, Finland

Havu M. et al. Impact of different urban planning choices on the spatial variability of carbon dioxide exchange in Helsinki. Smart Cities in Smart Regions, 26-27.9.2018, Lahti, Finland

Kokkonen T. et al. Impact of haze on urban energy and water balance in Beijing. 10th International Conference on Urban Climate, 6-10.8.2018, New York, USA

Kurppa M. et al. Novel LES-based high-resolution air quality model: city structures as modifiers of flow and dispersion.  10th International Conference on Urban Climate, 6-10.8.2018, New York, USA

Auvinen M. et al. Sensitivity of LES-Resolved Local Scale Turbulence to the Level of Detail of Urban Surface Models. 10th International Conference on Urban Climate, 6-10.8.2018, New York, USA

Järvi L. et al. Impact of different planning alternatives on net carbon dioxide emissions in Helsinki, Finland. 10th International Conference on Urban Climate, 6-10.8.2018, New York, USA