Leena Järvi (PhD) is Associate professor in Applied Urban Meteorology and leads the urban meteorology group. Her research expertise lies in urban meteorology, climate and their interaction with air quality using state-of-the-art observations and modelling at different urban scales. She has expertise particularly in urban eddy covariance measurements of variety of compounds and how to reduce their uncertainties. Also she has examined how the different urban land uses can impact the surface exchanges on different seasons.She is also PI of the two eddy covariance stations located in Helsinki, with one of them being the ICOS Associated Ecosystem site.

She has been developing the Surface Urban Energy and Water balance Scheme (SUEWS) and the parameterisations within. Currently her research interest lies also in how urban atmosheric sciences can be used to support urban planning and decision making as well as

Mona Kurppa (MSc) is working with PALM-SALSA model development where the aim is to include aerosol dynamics to PALM. Her work is funded by the ATM-DP (Doctoral Program in Atmospheric Sciences) of University of Helsinki.

Minttu Havu (MSc) works with urban carbon dioxide surface exchange and is adding it as simulated component to the Surface Urban Energy and Water Balance Scheme (SUEWS). She is interested on how different planning options can impact the spatial and temporal variability of carbon dioxide exchange.

Sasu Karttunen works with the effect of urban vegetation on the flow field and dispersion of air pollutants in urban areas using the LES model PALM. His current project in collaboration with the City of Helsinki focuses to understand what is the optimal layout of street canyon vegetation from the point of view of optimal air quality.

Jani Strömberg works with the surface radiation and energy balance model included in PALM and his aim is to understand thermal turbulence production in urban areas.

PhD Tom Kokkonen

  • Doctoral student (2014-2019) (Currently at Nanging University)
  • Urban water balance

DSc Mikko Auvinen

  • Post-doctoral reseacher (2015-2018) (Currently at Finnish Meteorological Institute)
  • LES model sensitivity on boundary conditions

PhD Annika Nordbo

  • Doctoral student (2009-2013)
  • Urban eddy covariance measurements and their uncertainty

MSc Sonja Murto

  • Reseach Assistant / Master thesis worker (2015)
  • Surface Urban Energy balance in Beijing

MSc Alina Jasek

  • Reserach assistant (2014)
  • Urban carbon dioxide and methane eddy covariance measurements
  • Erasmus visitor from AGH-University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

MSc Joonas Moilanen

  • Reseach Assistant / Master thesis worker (2011-2012)
  • Surface energy balance in Helsinki city centre

BSc Anna Balling

  • Reseach Assistant (2017)
  • Analysis of air quality and meteorological data from mobile van and drone measurement campaign
  • Erasmus student from University of Bayreuth, Germany

BSc Anna Ehler

  • Reseach Assistant (2014)
  • Spatial modeling of surface energy balance in Helsinki

    BSc Juhani Takkunen

    • Reseach Assistant  (2013)
    • Eddy covariance measurements


          Prof Siegfried Raasch

          • Visiting professor (March-April 2016)
          • From University of Hannover, Germany

          PhD Veronica Bellucco

          • Researcher (2015)
          • Parameterisation of urban vegetation CO2 exchange
          • Erasmus visitor from University of Sassari, Italy