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Leena Järvi

Leena Järvi (PhD) is Professor in Urban Meteorology and leads the urban meteorology group. Her research expertise lies in urban meteorology, climate and their interaction with air quality using state-of-the-art observations and modelling at different urban scales. She has expertise in urban eddy covariance measurements of variety of compounds and how to reduce their uncertainties, urban land surface modelling and urban LES. She is PI of the two eddy covariance stations located in Helsinki, with one of them being the ICOS Associated Ecosystem site. She has been developing the Surface Urban Energy and Water balance Scheme (SUEWS) and the parameterisations within. Currently her research interest lies in urban carbon storage, impact of meteorological conditions on local air quality distributions and how cities should be planned from the atmospheric perspective.

Nahid Atashi

Nahid Atashi (PhD) works as postdoctoral researcher at the CousCous project. She will focus on applying high-resolution air quality simulations in planned city boulevards in Helsinki using large eddy-simulation modelling (LES). She is interested in understanding air quality in different levels in the urban environments and conducting atmospheric sciences to provide urban planning solutions in order to improve the local air quality.

Yiyang Ding

Yiyang Ding (Ph.D) is a joint postdoctoral researcher working in CarboCity project (urban ecosystem) and TWINWIN project (agricultural ecosystem). Her research focuses on soil-root interface and below- and above-ground carbon (C) fluxes in forest/urban/agricultural ecosystems. Over 10 years of studying soil ecology, she considered that the fine roots and their symbionts could significantly affect soil C storage and nutrient cycling in northern hemisphere.

Pak Lun Fung

Pak Lun Fung (PhD), also known as Alan, is working as a postdoctoral researcher in the project Artificial Intelligence for Urban Low-Emission Autonomous Traffic (AIforLEssAuto). In the project, he will focus on carbon dioxide emission modelling under different driving scenarios in urban areas by exploring new spatial models. He is interested in combining machine learning methods with physics-based atmospheric models and remote sensing applications. He is also passionate about bridging science and art via data visualization and sonification.

Sasu Karttunen

Sasu Karttunen (MSc) is a doctoral student in meteorology working with urban boundary layer with focus in coastal cities. He utilises Lidar and DTS measurements together with LES modelling  to understand development of urban boundary layers including the interaction with water bodies.

Xiaoyu Li

Xiaoyu Li (MSc) is a doctoral student working with urban air quality and formation of urban aerosol particles. She will use comprehensive air quality observations for different global cities as well as the LES model PALM in her research. Particularly she will further evaluate and improve the sectional aerosol module in PALM.

Jani Strömberg

Jani Strömberg (MSc) is a doctoral researcher using LES modelling to study turbulent transport processes in an urban boundary layer. His work aims to reduce uncertainties in greenhouse gas emission measurements for better interpretation and design of EC setups in the ICOS-Cities project.

Hei Shing Lee

Hei Shing (Michael) Lee is a doctoral student primarily focusing on the urban land surface model SUEWS in relation to urban green space. His MSc in Atmospheric Sciences enables him to utilize atmospheric observations, develop SUEWS and perform model simulations for his doctoral research which is part of the projects CarboCity and CO-CARBON.

Omar Al-Jaghbeer

Omar Al-Jaghbeer (MSc) is a doctoral student working with carbon emission modeling from the urban traffic in the project Artificial Intelligence for Urban Low-Emission Autonomous Traffic (AIforLEssAuto).

Jesse Soininen

MSc Jesse Soininen is a doctoral researcher conducting measurements of carbon uptake by urban green spaces. He focuses on eddy covariance flux measurements of carbonyl sulfide (COS) and CO2, which are supported by chamber measurements of CO2 urban parks. His work contributes to CO-CARBON and ICOS-Cities projects.

Anni Karvonen

MSc Anni Karvonen is a doctoral researcher with a focus in simulating urban biogenic carbon sinks and surface energy balance using SUEWS model. She works with ICOSCities project.

Previous members

PhD Minttu Havu, Doctoral researcher (2019-2023), currently postdoctoral researcher at MeteoFrance, France

PhD Joyson Ahongshangbam, Post-doctoral researcher (2021-2023), currently Post-doctoral researcher at McGill University, Canada

PhD Yaxing Du, Post-doctoral researcher (2020-2021), currently Associate Professor at Sun Yat-sen University

PhD Elisa Vainio, Post-doctoral researcher (2020-2021), currently project manager at Baltic Sea action group

PhD Mona Kurppa, Doctoral researcher (2016-2020), currently Advisor at Kjeller Vindteknikk

PhD Tom Kokkonen, Doctoral researcher (2014-2019), currently university lecturer at University of Helsinki

DSc Mikko Auvinen, Post-doctoral reseacher (2015-2018), currently Senior researcher at Finnish Meteorological Institute

PhD Annika Nordbo, Doctoral researcher (2009-2013)

MSc Sonja Murto, Reseach Assistant / Master thesis worker (2015)

MSc Alina Jasek, Erasmus visitor from AGH-University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland (2014)

MSc Joonas Moilanen, Reseach Assistant / Master thesis worker (2011-2012)

BSc Anna Balling, Reseach Assistant/Erasmus student from University of Bayreuth, Germany (2017)

BSc Anna Ehler, Reseach Assistant (2014)

BSc Juhani Takkunen, Reseach Assistant  (2013)



PhD student Deniz Diren (Jan 2023 - Jun 2022)

  • SUEWS simulations in Istanbul
  • Erasmus student

PhD student Yingqi Zheng (Oct 2021- Oct 2022)

  • Modelling urban CO2 exchange in Beijing, China
  • CSC scholarship visitor from CAS

Prof Siegfried Raasch (Mar-Apr 2016)

  • From University of Hannover, Germany

PhD student Veronica Bellucco (2015)

  • Parameterisation of urban vegetation CO2 exchange
  • Erasmus visitor from University of Sassari, Italy