Urban meteorology news (latest year)
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  • 8 August 2022: Omar Al-Jaghbeer has joined the group to work together with Alan in AIforLessAuto
  • 1 Apr 2022: Pak (Alan) Lun Fung has joined the group to work with the AIforLessAuto project.
  • 31 Mar 2022: Paper by Nicolini et al on the effect of COVID-19 lockdowns to CO2 emissions now published
  • 18 Mar 2022: Paper by Filioglou et al on winds over Helsinki now published
  • 14 Feb 2022: Paper by Sasu Karttunen now under discussion in ATM: https://amt.copernicus.org/preprints/amt-2021-428/
  • 8 Feb 2022: Paper on urban water storage utilising also FI-Kmp data now out by Jongen et al
  • 23 Nov 2021: Leena Järvi interviewed for news article "Puut viilentävät Euroopan kaupunkeja, kadun­varren puu voi sitoa jopa enemmän hiiltä kuin metsässä kasvava", Helsingin sanomat
  • 18 Sep 2021: Yingqi Zheng joined the group as visiting doctoral student for one year to work with SUEWS modelling in Beijing. Welcome!
  • 15 Sep 2021: PhD Nahid Atashi started her postdoc in the group in the CousCOUS project. Welcome!
  • 5 Sep 2021: The group leader Leena Järvi was awarded the Timothy Oke Award for her work in urban climate. Congrats!
  • 5-6 Sep 2021: The group is participating to the kick-off meeting of H2020 project RI-URBANs and plan how to improve our understanding on urban dispersion and furthermore improve the description of urban emissions
  • 1 Sep 2021: PhD candidate Michael Lee joint to work our group in the CarboCity and CO-CARBON projects. Welcome!
  • 10 Aug 2021: Leena Järvi interviewed for news article "Talvi on erottanut Helsingin Keski-Euroopan kaupunkien ilmastosta, mutta siihen on luvassa muutos – Näihin ilmiöihin Helsingissä on varauduttava", Helsingin sanomat
  • 2 Apr 2021: PhD Joyson Ahongshangbam joined the group to work in the CO-CARBON project. Welcome!

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