Two category theory -related papers accepted to VLDB 2021 workshops

We are participating in the SEAData'21 and Poly'21 workshops by presenting our visions and research on connecting modern multi-model databases, polystores and category theory.

Our contribution Multi-model Query Processing Meets Category Theory and Functional Programming has been accepted to the SEAData'21 workshop and A Formal Category Theoretical Framework for Multi-Model Data Transformations has been accepted to the Poly'21 workshop.

Both workshops are organized on Friday 20th of August 2021 as part of the conference of Very Large Databases 2021. The conference takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark on August 16-20, 2021.

The SEAData paper is an extended abstract that creates visions for the future of modern heterogeneous databases. The paper is collaboration work with Oracle. 

The Poly'21 paper is a full, theoretical research paper that develops a formal framework to model multi-model databases, and schema and data transformations using category theory.

After the workshops, the presentation videos will be available on YouTube!