Helsinki Multi-Model Dataset Repository

The Helsinki Multi-Model Dataset Repository collects and integrates publicly available datasets in diverse formats, and provides statistics on the datasets, for use in research experiments.

Citing our datasets

We encourage you to cite our datasets if you have used them in your work. You can use the following BibTeX citation:


author = {Jiaheng Lu and Jun Chen and Chao Zhang},

title = {Helsinki {M}ulti-{M}odel {D}ata {R}epository},

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Overview of Datasets

Patent dataset: 1) Relational tables of patents, inventors and their dimensional data, and 2) graph of patent citation.

Film dataset: 1) RDF graphs of films and actors, and 2) JSON document of films.

University dataset: 1) Relational tables of university scorecards, and 2) RDF graphs of places location.

Person dataset: 1) RDF graph of people, and 2) JSON document of people's image urls.