New Research Gift Award from Oracle

We received a new research gift award (94.9K US dollars) from Oracle, California to support our research on multi-model databases.

 As more businesses realized that data, in all forms and sizes, is critical to making the best possible decisions, we see the continued growth of systems that support the massive volume of non-relational or unstructured forms of data. The research focus of this gift fund is to develop a novel unified database management system to manage both well-structured data and NoSQL data. Our approach will reduce integration issues, simplify operations, and eliminate migration issues between relational and NoSQL data.

What is a multi-model database?

Read a survey paper [PDF

One course in Computer science department which teaches multi-model database [Link]

Two recent tutorials on multi-model databases:

1. Jiaheng Lu, Irena Holubová, Bogdan Cautis: Multi-model Databases and Tightly Integrated Polystores: Current Practices, Comparisons, and Open Challenges. CIKM2018: 2301-2302 [Webpage]

2. Jiaheng Lu, Irena Holubová: Multi-model Data Management: What's New and What's Next? EDBT 2017: 602-605 [Webpage]

2020 Summer internship job on multi-model database. See the link

MultiCategory system youtube demo: