Helsinki Social Computing Group contributes to teaching both at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University by organizing courses and providing guest lecturers. Like our research, our teaching orients around two areas.
The digital as an object for social scientific research
  • Algorithmic systems and Society 
  • Politics in Human-Computer Interaction 
  • Human-Computer Interaction and Social Psychology 
  • Digital ethics 
  • Social media
Computational methods for social sciences
  • Computational Thinking, Programming and Social sciences 
  • Machine learning for social scientists 
  • Network analysis for social scientists 
  • Interactive systems for social scientists 
  • Simulations for social scientists 
  • Collecting digital data for social scientists 
  • (Social) Theory and (Social) Data Science
Impact beyond Helsinki area

Since 2018, our group has been organizing Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS) in Helsinki, together with other SICSSs around the world. It is a two-week intensive introduction to computational social sciences, bringing together graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and junior faculty. 

Matti’s introduction-level book for computational social science: Computational Thinking and Social Science is published by SAGE Publishing The book delves into the tools and techniques used to build familiarity with programming and gain context into how, why and when they aid to make social science happen. 

Learning materials

For computational methods, materials we have developed are always up-to-date in GitHub and most are suitable for personal study as well.

In addition to courses listed above, our group organises a set of tools courses for qualitative researcher under the umbrella name Qualitative Research and Computers