Digital and Computational Methods
We have developed the curriculum on computational social science consisting of several courses to build core competences. Our courses are aimed for PhD students, but we are happy to get Master students or faculty members to our classess. While officially only open for University of Helsinki students, we do regularly get participants from other Finnish universities.


Impact beyond university of Helsinki

Since 2018, our group has been organising Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS) in Helsinki, together with other SICSSs around the world.

Matti has authored a book "Coding Social Science", a introductory text book for computational social sciences to be published by SAGE Publications. The text book covers basics of programming, various data analysis techniques and explores the impact of computational social science for social science research.

Our group is running the Qualitative research and Computers course, speaking how to use computers to help with traditional qualitative research.

In the spirit of openness, materials we have developed are available via GitHub.


We maintain the Technology Interaction and Design laboratory, equiped with computers and cameras to examine how people interact with software, data etc.