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Sleep Helsinki! –population-based RCT

Up to 50% of adolescents worldwide sleep to little. Circadian regulation problems, ie. very late bedtimes coupled with difficulties to wake up in the morning, are specifically common. Sleep Helsinki! -study is a population-based experimental study funded by the Academy of Finland. We invited all 16-17-year-old inhabitants of Helsinki to participate in this study. After the initial screening phase, we invited all adolescents with significant circadian regulation problems to participate in the experimental part of the study, where we randomized the participants in 7 different treatment and control groups. The ultimate aim is to develop novel evidence-based methods to treat and prevent circadian regulation problems in adolescence. Please contact for further questions.



Glaku - Longitudinal Community Cohort

Glaku cohort is a longitudinal community-based cohort born in Helsinki in 1998. The development of the participants of this cohort has been followed intensively with multidisciplinary methods. At the age of 8, 12 and 17 years, sleep of the participants were measured, including a sleep EEG at the latest follow-up. A large variation in different aspects of behavior, health, cognition and development measured in the different follow-ups allow  a rich examination of the sleep, its developmental paths, and  sleep-related phenomena. Glaku cohort is studied in collaboration with the Developmental Psychology Research Group, including multitude of other research questions than sleep. Academy professor Katri Räikkönen is the PI for these other aims. Please contact (sleep) or (other questions) for further questions.



Helsinki Sleep Factory - From basic research to an evidence-based practice

Helsinki Sleep Factory is a project funded by City of Helsinki Innovation Services and Tekes (new knowledge and business from research ideas). The aim is to develop an evidence-based intervention and prevention program for circadian regulation. Please contact or for further questions.


Other projects and collaboration

The team collaborates with other research groups, teams and industrial actors in various projects, where sleep is involved. We have an ample experience in conducting multimethod sleep research among participants of all ages. Please contact for further questions.

If you want to include sleep measurements in your project, please be in touch!