Minor spliceosome group is located at the Viikki-campus, Biocenter 2, staircase D, 4th floor.

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Shipping address: Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki; Viikinkaari 5, Biocenter 2, room 4020; 00790 Helsinki; Finland

Mikko Frilander (PI)

I am the head of the RNA splicing group, but at the moment I am also the director of the Genome Biology research program at the Institute of Biotechnology. I am  a certified RNA freak and proud of it.  I have worked with RNA since I was graduate student and happy to be able to continue even now. I am very passionate on research related to minor spliceosome, but it is easy to get me excited other topics as well, particularly if they contain RNA or genome-wide elements.
Off-lab I clear my mind on archery track. On summertime you may find me surrounded with my collection of power tools when I am building or fixing something at home or my summerplace.
The best way to contact me is by email. You can also call to my office phone: +358-2941-59509

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Michael Algie (Postdoc)

My interest in RNA processing and RNA binding proteins has brought me to the Frilander group from New Zealand. My current work centers around the function of a newly discovered component of the minor spliceosome. I also have expertise in mass spectrometry, protein interactions, protein modifications, the cell cycle and cancer biology. My spare time is filled by exploring Helsinki with my family and riding bikes.

Antto Norppa (Graduate student)

I am a PhD student currently focusing on the molecular consequences of disease-causing mutations in the protein and snRNA components of the minor spliceosome. I also hope to learn more about the mechanistic basis of minor spliceosome-mediated gene regulation. Outside the minor splicing field, I’m generally interested in RNA processing and other aspects of RNA metabolism.

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Mariia Shcherbii (Graduate student)

My PhD project is a long chain of questions that have been happily handed over to me by the previous PhD student in lab. In short, it is focused on the regulatory functions of the minor spliceosome during normal cell growth and during cellular differentiation.

My favorite poetry?!
"You have to live through all things in this World
Where every finish is a new start
Where one should not predict the future or regret the past…”

І все на світі треба пережити,
І кожен фініш – це, по суті, старт,
І наперед не треба ворожити,
І за минулим плакати не варт.
Lina Kostenko

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Marja-Leena (Lilli) Peltonen (Technician/Lab manager)

I started at the Frilander Lab in 2002. I try to take care of those little scientists in our lab. It is not always easy but I do my best. In addition to laboratory work I also manage general issues in the lab.

In my free time I wander in the forest with my dogs and enjoy playing with my goats and sheeps.