"Back From the Dead REC" Pirate party

Pirates took over REC 30th of May at noon and took us to deserted Isosaari island!

RECkless pirates boarded our ship at 12:00 in the centre of Helsinki in Kauppatori. Pirate ship "Back From the Dead REC”  sailed to the war island Isosaari.

Matching pirates Ana and Pezhman on a picnic

We had ruthless picnic with rotten salads and bloody pie from the Island restaurant followed by pirate hunger games to get to the favor of our mighty red-haired pirate queen.

Pirate queen "Back from the dead REC"

The pirate game consisted of gruesome tasks of surviving the pirate quiz, shooting, golfing, nature exploring and tattoo making!

Dangerous shooting  pirates

Janne and Hanna with matching spirit tattoos

"Idon't care" leader Otso making a tattoo for his pirate Torsti and piratee Sonja finding her spirit on the background

The most fittest team "Dark matter" led by Marjo Saastamoinen won the game with 8 points. "Watery grave" led by Tomas Roslin was second with 11 points and "I don't care" led by Otso Ovaskainen was third with 15 points winning over "Pirates of the ecological change PEC" led by Anna-Liisa Laine only with their special skills of bribery!

"Dark Matter" the winner of the pirate hunger games

After award ceremony we enjoyed the summer night with pirate cocktails: Saatamoinen fizz, Otso on the beach, Jarno's collins, Bottoms up Roslin and Seadog Allaine's cup.


"Pirates of ecological change PEC"and "Watery grave" leaders plotting

The night was followed by music performances of all kinds from trubadurs to karaoke in Wallis until the sun went down or should I say up for some of our pirates! YARRRRRRRRRR

Pirate trubadur Øystein

Pirate Ian singing karaoke like there's no tomorrow

The official crew of the “Back From the Dead REC” pirate queen

Rest of the angry pirate crew