REC-group seminars are held every second Friday at Biocenter 3. Talks are given by REC research group members in their past, present and future research. Talks will cover a large spectrum of different topics related to ecology and evolutionary biology.

Person giving a talk will act as the chair in next seminar and send a reminder email to REC groups mailing list a couple of days before the actual seminar.

Date Room Talk
7.9.2018 (10:00) 6602 Tad Dallas
21.9.2018 (10:00) 6602 Michelle Dileo
5.10.2018 (10:00) 6602 Janne Koskinen
19.10.2018 (10:00) 6602 REC data
2.11.2018 (10:00) 6406 Elina Kaarlejärvi
16.11.2018 (10:00) 5405 Anniina Mattila
30.11.2018 (10:00) 6406 Aapo Kahilainen
14.12.2018 (10:00) 6406 Suvi Sallinen

The talks in the REC course Current topics in ecological change research are also open to everyone.