REC-group seminars are held via Zoom. Three times a month the seminar is a talk and once a month a flexi slot.

Seminar talks are given by REC research group members in their past, present and future research. Talks will cover a large spectrum of different topics related to ecology and evolutionary biology.

Flexi slots are well described be their name: they are slots with varying contents, such as workshops, journal clubs and other research related activities.

Person giving a talk or hosting a flexi slot will act as the chair in next seminar and send a reminder email to REC groups mailing list a couple of days before the actual seminar.

Fall 2020

Date Room Type of seminar Talk / host of flexi slot
4.9.2020 (10:15-12:00) in Zoom Flexi slot workshop: New DMP practices @AoF call Tanja Lindholm (UH Library) & Janne Markkanen (UH IT Center)
11.9.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Petteri Lehikoinen
18.9.2020 (14:15-15:30) in Zoom Flexi slot: Meet new and old RECers & discuss how to survive Covid-winter as a community Maria Hällfors & Pauliina Hyttinen
25.9.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Nadja Verspagen
2.10.2020 (morning) Viikki area Flexi slot: bird trip Krista Raveala
9.10.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Alyssa Cirtwill
16.10.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Aapo Kahilainen
23.10.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Cancelled
30.10.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Giovanni Strona
6.11.2020 (10:15-12:00) in Zoom Flexi slot workshop: How to make engaging presentations Manuel Frias
13.11.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Laura Antao
20.11.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Camila Souza Beraldo
27.11.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Seraina Cappelli
4.12.2020 (9.00-11.00) streamed by Think Corner Think Corner Live (event in Finnish):

Pitkäaikaisseurannat kertovat rajuista muutoksista Suomen luonnossa – miten huomioida tieto päätöksenteossa?



Forum for Environmental Information

11.12.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Susu Rytteri
18.12.2020 (10:15) in Zoom Talk Anniina Mattila