During autumn 2023, REC organizes talks given by REC group members and what we call flexi slots. They are all at 10:15 (at 10:00 a coffee/tea break to chat with colleagues) and hybrid, via Zoom and in Biocentre 3.

REC seminar talks are given by REC research group members in their past, present and future research. Talks will cover a large spectrum of different topics related to ecology and evolutionary biology.

Flexi slots are well described by their name: they are slots with varying contents, such as workshops, journal clubs and other research-related activities.

The person giving a REC talk or hosting a flexi slot will act as the chair in the next seminar and send a reminder email to the REC group's mailing list a couple of days before the actual seminar.

Autumn 2023


All seminars in the Autumn 2023 will be located in room 6406.


Type of seminar


8th Sep

Flexi Slot

Guest speaker Sami El Geneidy (jyu) - Biodiversity Footprint Assessment in Organizations

15th Sep


Natalie van Dis - Evolution in action: drivers of rapid adaptation to climate change in the winter moth

22nd Sep


Ulla Riihimäki - Impacts of landscape on the flight ability of butterflies

29th Sep

Flexy Slot

Partial screening of a talk by Prof. Robert Costanza titled Treating Our Societal Addiction to Growth

6th Oct


Bastien Parisy - Mobility-driven α- and β-diversity patterns in plants, microbes and insects create different communities across elevation gradients in subarctic regions

13th Oct


Sonja Saine - Experimental evidence on how species interactions and environmental conditions jointly structure species-rich communities

20th Oct


Murat Ersalman - Assessing the Status of Ringed Seals in the Bothnian Bay using an Integrated Population Model

27th Oct

Flexi Slot

Arthur Rodrigues, Emy Guilbault - R packaging

3rd Nov


Andréa Davrinche - Staying on the bandwagon: biodiversity effects on trait variation

10th Nov


Helena Wirta - Microbiotas of honeybee spheres – distinct bacterial and fungal communities of bees, hives and flowers

17st Nov


Emilie Ellis - How temperature niches are driving moth community dynamics under climate change using an island biogeography approach

24th Nov


Tomas Roslin

1st Dec


Patrick Heidbreder - Response of Formica ants to heating in the field

8th Dec


Arthur Rodrigues

15th Dec


Marjo Saastamoinen