During the spring of 2024, REC organizes talks given by REC group members and what we call flexi slots. They are all on Thursday at 10:15 (at 10:00 a coffee/tea break to chat with colleagues) and hybrid, via Zoom and in Biocentre 3.

REC seminar talks are given by REC research group members in their past, present and future research. Talks will cover a large spectrum of different topics related to ecology and evolutionary biology.

Flexi slots are well described by their name: they are slots with varying contents, such as workshops, journal clubs and other research-related activities.

The person giving a REC talk or hosting a flexi slot will act as the chair in the next seminar and send a reminder email to the REC group's mailing list a couple of days before the actual seminar.

Spring 2024


Date Type of seminar  Host Room
18th Jan Talk Elina Kaarlejärvi - Tundra Exclosure Network (TExNet) 6602
25th Jan Talk Cancelled 6602
1st Feb Talk Mikhail Shubin - Covid modelling in THL during the pandemic 6602
8th Feb Talk Tuuli Rissanen - What’s going on in Finnish forests – change in understory communities and how to monitor it 6602
15th Feb Talk Daniel Fernández García - Exploring the effects of global change and community assembly on ecosystem functionality 6602
22nd Feb Talk Hanna Susi - Biodiversity Solutions for Agriculture -Measuring biodiversity in Finnish farms practicing Carbon Farming 6602
29th Feb Talk Michael Giolai - A tradeoff between the investment in molecular defence repertoires and growth in plants 6602
7th Mar Talk Cancelled 1401
14th Mar Flexy slot/Talk Juho Kettunen - Predicting Carbon Flux in Boreal Peatland from Vegetation Community through Functional Traits 1401
4th Apr Talk Cancelled 1401
11th Apr Talk Paula Thitz - Vegetation diversity and heterotroph communities on a barley-based agroecosystem 1401
18th Apr Talk Anne Duplouy - Adding a microbial layer to a 30 year-long ecological monitoring project 1401
25th Apr Talk Nadja Verspagen - Intraspecific variation in phenotypic plasticity in butterflies: an overview of my PhD and introduction to new work 1401
2nd May Talk Nourhan Shafik - Clustering of community profiles 6602
16th May Talk Laura Antão - Global patterns of biodiversity change in Lepidoptera 6602
23rd May Talk Ilaria Pia - Robust count models 6602
30th May Talk Audrey Bras - Genetic & butterflies 6602