Professor Anna-Liisa Laine is an evolutionary ecologist who specialises in interspecific interactions - especially pathogens and parasites - and epidemiology.

Professor Otso Ovaskainen is a mathematician who has integrated theoretical, mathematical and statistical ecology.

Professor Tomas Roslin is a community ecologist who specialises in the response of species communities to landcape fragmentation, Arctic environments and environmental change.

Academy research fellow Marjo Saastamoinen is an evolutionary biologist who specialises in the stress biology of wild species.

Tenure-track Assistant Professor Jarno Vanhatalo is a statistician who specialises in developing Bayes methods and computational solutions to the analysis of long-term datasets.

I’m a community ecologist interested in understanding how environmental changes and biotic interactions shape diversity and functioning of plant communities. Within REC I explore drivers of long-term changes in plant communities in boreal forests and meadows.​

My main research interests are biodiversity, macroecology and global change. I am interested in biodiversity synthesis and biodiversity patterns, and how we can generalize information across taxa and habitats, and furthermore across scales. In my future research, I will examine patterns of biodiversity change using long-term data and large scale environmental drivers, such as climate and land-use.

I am a quantitative ecologist studying host-parasite interactions and large scale patterns of species diversity.

Bess is in charge of finding and looking after data. 

Tanja is in charge of finding and looking after data: she is Bess' maternity leave replacement. 

Viia is in charge of financial and personnel administration, project management and research support.