Database description

15 datasets

There are 15 datasets in RECBASE covering different taxa like, for example, birds, trees, and butterflies.


Each record is a species observation. All datasets have been processed and merged in a single table with the same structure and 22 fields.

This table, called observations, along with some other additional data and metadata is stored in REC’s internal drive.

Basic Statistics

Time span

The density of observations is the highest in the past couple of decades, but some observations go far back in time. The longest time series is the Science Society Phenology dataset that spans 267 years. The dataset with the shortest time span is Butterfly MYTVAS.

The Forest Understory Vegetation data has been collected until 2006 at 10–11 year intervals, while the other datasets have been, in general, collected annually. The exception is Vascular Plants with a survey in the ‘40s and in the 2000s.