Increasing the awareness of animal welfare science is the best way to improve animal welfare

Many of our researcher are university teachers, thus educating academia trough bachelor, MSc and PhD courses is one of their main tasks.

We also collaborate with different vocational institutions lecturing animal welfare-related subjects, and lecture for NGOs, authorities, schools etc. interested stakeholders.

We have organized free public seminars "Animal welfare forum" yearly, since 2008. In these seminars were we highlight recent research results and science behind relevant animal welfare issues.



Courses 2022

27.1.2023 Sikojen ymmärtävä käsittely

Courses 2018

17. - 18.1.2018 Nordic ISAE seminar

5.11.2018 Eläinten hyvinvointifoorumi 2018 (Animal welfare forum 2018, partly in english)

6. - 8.11.2018 Understanding animal pain - a PhD course

Courses 2017

7.8. From peak to tail - mechanisms underlying damaging behaviour in laying hens and pigs

26.8. Workshop on animal ethics for veterinarians (only in Finnish)

4.12. Eläinten hyvinvointifoorumi (Animal welfare forum) 2017 (only in Finnish)

Courses 2016

4. - 6.10. Meeting and Webinar on Actions to Prevent Tailbiting and Reduce Tail docking of Pigs

21.-24.11. NOVA & CVM PhD course: Animal welfare from fork to farm

24.11. Welfare Quality Network Seminar

8.12. Eläinten hyvinvointifoorumi (Animal welfare forum) 2016 (only in Finnish)