Welcome to the CVM PhD Course on Understanding animal Pain 6. - 8.11 2018 (2 ECTS)!

Bengal Cat (Fia) wikimedia

The course is organized by the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki and is aimed at doctoral students from veterinary and other animal-related fields, from CVM and other doctoral programmes.  

The main aim of the course is to increase the understanding of pain perception in different animal species, and that of how pain can be assessed. In addition, we will facilitate discussion on the attitudes towards pain, and towards painful procedures and conditions in different animal species and animal groups.


In addition to the on-site lectures, student discussions and activities, the participants will be given pre-reading material, and a post-course assignment. 

The three-day course starts on Tuesday the 6th of November. However, during the evening on the day before (Monday the 5th of November), a public lecture is held by one of the course teachers, Dr Lynne Sneddon. The course participants are warmly welcomed to that as well, but it is not a requirement for course credits. 


The course venue is will be announced later, but will be within the central campus of the University of Helsinki (in the city Centre of Helsinki). Helsinki offers various possibilities for different priced accommodations. 

The course is funded by the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at the University of Helsinki. A course fee will apply to students outside CVM and NorDoc-network universities as well as to participants who are not PhD-students.