Our research focuses on the gas-phase chemistry of atmospherically important and combustion-relevant radical reactions.

We study the kinetics of these reactions in a time-resolved manner using laminar flow reactors coupled to either a photoionization mass spectrometer (PIMS) or an optical broadband cavity-enchanced absorption spectrometer (BB-CEAS). Specifically, we measure rate coefficients as a function of temperature and pressure. We measure both unimolecular decomposition rate coefficients and bimolecular association rate coefficients. Reactions are initiated by photolysing suitable precursors with pulsed exciplex or Nd:YAG laser to produce the radical under study homogeneously along the laminar flow reactor. We combine our experimental work with quantum mechanical calculations and master equation simulations in order to model the studied reactions under conditions inaccessible to experiments. The results of our research are important in the modelling of complicated chemical processes in the atmosphere and in combustion environments.

We give more detailed descriptions of the PIMS and BB-CEAS apparatuses below. A list of publications is also provided.