Here are the researchers working on reaction kinetics in Arkke Eskola’s Lab.
Arkke Eskola

Group Leader

Arkke's research and contact information can be found here


Jari Peltola

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jari's current research focus is on reaction kinetics of atmospherically important Criegee intermediates. His background is in laser spectroscopy and instrumentation. 

His full university profile can be found here



Timo Pekkanen

Timo successfully defended his PhD thesis 13.1.2023. His university profile can be found here.


Former group members
  • Prasenjit Seal, Post doc.

  • Laszlo Valkai, Post. doc.

  • Malte Döntgen, Post. doc

  • Satya Prakash Joshi, PhD 2021 at the University of Helsinki, then to the University of Oulu, Finland.

  • Niko Vuorio, MSc 2021 at the University of Helsinki, then to the VTT.

  • Timo Reijonen, Undergraduate

  • Anni Inkilä, Undergraduate

  • Lauri Franzon, BSc 2022 at the University of Helsinki.