Wanted: A master thesis worker (radioactivity in man)

The main goal is to determine concentration of 241Am in human bones. 241Am is an artificial radioisotope that emits both alpha and gamma radiation. The working material will be already processed bones where 241Am has been separated to an oxalate precipitate. In this work the oxalate precipitate will be further processed and 241Am purified from disturbing matrix and other radionuclides. The purification will be perfomed by extraction chromatography, as column separations. The concentration of 241Am will be determined with alpha spectrometry.
The laboratory part requires careful and precise working attitude. The topic suits radiochemistry or other chemistry student interested in column separation techniques, since the radioactivity content of the bone samples is extremely low. In order to not losing any precious 241Am during the separations, a very careful person is needed.
The work could be started flexibly during April-June. If you’re interested, please ask further info by e-mail susanna.salminen-paatero@helsinki.fi, or visit my office A222, second floor in Chemicum.