Radiochemistry Education

The University of Helsinki Radiochemistry Unit offers world class radiochemistry education and practical training.

We offer education at B.Sc. level, on the Chemistry Master's Programme and the CHEMS Doctoral Programme, and at CPD level. We also offer the EuroMaster in “Nuclear- and Radio-Chemistry”.

Many of our graduates now work in research, for government agencies, the nuclear industry, or in radiopharmacy. If you are interested in learning about the available study options, please contact Prof. Gareth Law (general radiochemistry) or Prof. Anu Airaksinen (radiopharmaceutical chemistry).

RA­DIO­CHEM­ISTRY PACK­AGE (module, 25 cr) under the MSc in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences (120 cr)

  • Radiochemistry (including radiation safety), 5 cr
  • Detection and measurement of radiation, 5 cr
  • Chemistry and analysis of radionuclides, 5 cr OR Radiopharmaceutical chemistry, 5 cr
  • Basic radiochemistry exercises, 5 cr
  • Advanced radiochemistry exercises, 5 cr
  • Exam for radiation safety officer, 0 cr

In addition to this package students specialising in radiochemistry can do 30-45 cu master’s thesis work and take following optional courses:

  • Environmental radioactivity, 5 cr
  • Chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle, 5 cr
  • Radiation chemistry, 5 cr
  • Radionuclide production and tracer techniques, 5 cr