Business Development Leader position

We look for a person to become a part of our application for the Research-to-Business grant from the Business Finland agency. If funding is provided that person will take the position of the Business Development Leader (also called a Commercial Champion) of this two-year project (01.01.2022­­­­­-12.31.2023). The project aims to develop the first-in-class cancer therapy specifically targeting intracellular biomarkers. In this project, we set ourselves an ambitious goal to develop an effective, safe, and cost-efficient cancer gene therapy that has no analogs in the world. The role of the Leader will be to fully prepare the commercialization of this project that includes market analysis, studies of customer indicators, manufacturing strategies and regulatory investigations, negotiations, and setting business partnerships. The Leader will be employed at the University of Helsinki but will work closely with the team of researchers at the University of Helsinki School of Medicine who are developing the new cancer therapies. If interested, please, send your CV and contact information to Research Director, Dr. Vlad Verkhusha at