Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters, Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation grant. Title: “Design of a chromophore in near-infrared fluorescent proteins for preclinical imaging.” Principal Investigator: V.V. Verkhusha. Duration: 01.04.21-31.03.22.

EU FP7, European Research Council, Advanced Grant #340233. Title: ” Near-infrared fluorescent probes based on bacterial phytochromes for in vivo imaging”. Principal Investigator: V.V. Verkhusha. Duration: 01.05.2014-30.04.2019

Academy of Finland, Academy Project grant #266992. Title: ”Fluorescent proteins for modern imaging technologies”. Principal Investigator: V.V. Verkhusha. Duration: 01.09.2013-31.08.2017

Academy of Finland, Finland Distinguished Professor grant #266992. Title: ”Development of advanced fluorescent proteins for emerging imaging approaches”. Principal Investigator: V.V. Verkhusha; Host: E.M. Ikonen. Duration: 01.09.2012-31.08.2017

Centre for International Mobility (Finnish National Agency for Education) Fellowship grant# TM-14-9167. Title: "Molecular engineering of optogenetic probes based on bacterial phytochromes". Duration: 23.06.2014-22.12.2015.