Scientific evidence of health benefits important for consumers

A research article has been published

A research article on the consumer trust in a health-enhancing innovation has been published as an online version in Journal of International Consumer Marketing. An article written by Riikka Puhakka et al. is based on a fact that a health effect is a credence quality feature which is difficult for consumers to detect, and they need to be convinced of its trustworthiness. The study explores the role of trust-related arguments in Finnish, German, and British consumers’ willingness to try a novel health-enhancing, non-edible product. Scientific evidence in particular would convince consumers, particularly Finnish ones, to try a product. Receiving recommendations from other users was more important for younger than for older respondents when it came to trying this type of product. Different marketing strategies may be needed to convince potential users of the benefits of a novel product.

Journal of International Consumer Marketing: Scientific evidence of health benefits important for consumers