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  • Parajuli, Anirudra (2019). The effect of living environment and environmental exposure on the composition of microbial community in soil, on human skin and in the gut. University of Helsinki, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Doctoral Programme in Wildlife Biology.

Theses based on the work of the Nature-based solutions research group. Abstracts and full theses can be downloaded from the University’s E-thesis service.

  • Roslund, Marja (2017). Polysyklisten aromaattisten hiilivetyjen (PAH) biohajoaminen kaupunkien viheralueilla käytetyissä maa-aineksissa ja hajoamisen yhteys immuunipuolustusta edistävien bakteerien runsauteen
  • Vari, Heli K. (2017). Comparison of volatile PAH concentrations in urban and rural areas in Päijät-Häme