Targeting Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Nano-in-Micro Composites

A team of researchers, including Prof. Hélder A. Santos and Dr. Wei Li from the University of Helsinki, Prof. Nadia Passerini from the University of Bologna, and their colleagues, have developed a targeted oral drug delivery system for treating IBD.

The collaboratve work created a nano‐in‐micro composite for targeted therapy of inflammatory bowel disease via oral administration. The composite responds sequentially to pH and reactive oxygen species. The drug permeation through intestinal epithelium is also limited, providing a promising approach to limit unspecific absorption and systemic side effects.

Dr. Serena Bertoni, a researcher in the study, states “our study demonstrates the potential of an advanced-material-based composite with dual-responsiveness to pH and ROS in the development of a more effective treatment strategy for IBD in the future.”

More details about the original work in here and about the news at Advanced Science News website