Prof. Santos was the Guest Co-Editor of a Special Issue in "Advanced Nanosystems for Clinical Translation" for the prestigious journal Advanced Therapeutics

We are very pleased to share our Special Issue is now OUT! Please check the amazing works reported therein. The guest editors of this special issue are very grateful to all authors who accepted our invitation and contributed with their amazing works to this exciting issue on advanced nanosystems for clinical translation. This Special Issue is dedicated to the “1st International Northern-Southern Europe Workshop in Nanomedicine” hold in the city of Chieti (Abruzzi, Italy) in January, and to all the scientists working in the field of nanomedicine and other related fields.

The Special Issue was recently published in the Advanced Therapeutics webpage and can be found in here

Volume 4, Issue 1, Special Issue: Advanced Nanosystems for Clinical Translation, January 2021

Altogether, this issue will hopefully provide novel knowledge and important background on the advances in Advanced Nanosystems for Clinical Translation and their potential applicability over a wide range of fields and disciplines, which are already tremendously impacting and revolutionizing healthcare worldwide.

Editorial by Prof. Santos et al. can be found in here 

Finally, our special thanks go also to the editors and staff of Advanced Therapeutics for their continuous support for this special issue and for making this possible.